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Sandwiches? Yup - cold or toasted.

Coffee? Fancy, plain, or however you like.

Pasta? Beef Lasagna, spaghetti, and others.

Soups? Yes, especially if it's cold outside!

Beer and wine? Yes!

Delivery? Whenever we can.

In addition to slices and whole pies, we also have a selection of other stuff that goes great with pizza. The next time you're hungry and looking for Brackettville pizza, come check out our Calzone, Stromboli, pizza sliders, garlic knots, flatbread, wings, salads, and desserts! 


Pizza Outpost is a New York-style pizza shop owned by the Jones family. After 23 years as a Marine Corps military family, we are honored to be slinging dough in southwest Texas!

Our specialty is serving pizzas whole and by the slice. Despite the rumors, we are NOT New Yorkers, but we do operate like an old-school mom-and-pop slice joint. Although Pizza Outpost isn't the only Brackettville restaurant serving New York-style pies, some folks tell us it's the best pizza they've ever had. Selections range from plain and pepperoni to cheeseburger and supreme.

Every day we make batches of fresh yeast dough from scratch. (We also offer 10-inch, cauliflower-based pizzettes as a gluten-free alternative). All produce is hand-selected and sliced or diced in small batches as needed. We simmer and cut Italian rope sausage and beef in house, and we shred many loaves of whole milk mozzarella every day to avoid those soy and cellulose fillers found in most chain pizza products.

Each dough ball is hand-stretched, tossed into an 18-inch or 14-inch thin crust, and sauced to perfection. Then we add just the right amount of cheese and toppings. Your delicious pizza is baked at 500+ degrees directly on the stone in our natural gas hearth oven.

Wait times for whole pies average 30-45 minutes but can get longer on busy evenings, especially on weekends. Be sure to call ahead or stop by to order early if the timing really matters to you. We promise it's worth the wait!

Good food takes time to prepare - both your business and your patience are appreciated!

Here to serve you seven days a week, 12-9pm:

Sundays, Noon - 9 pm

Monday, Noon - 9 pm

Tuesday, Noon - 9 pm

Wednesday, Noon - 9 pm

Thursday, Noon - 9 pm

Friday, Noon - 9 pm sometimes later

Saturday, Noon - 9 pm sometimes later

Closed once a month for maintenance and sometimes for repairs. Please call ahead to avoid missed opportunities, or if timing really matters to you!



New York-style pizza, Texas hospitality! 

yOur satisfaction IS OUR PRIORITY!

We strive to provide you the best food and friendliest service we can. Our goal is to make you a pizza you'll love and want to share, so you'll come back for more!

Stuff happens:

If ever you are not satisfied with your food, we offer a 100% refund or replacement of the reasonably uneaten portion of your item. Limitations on spicy and special request foods.

A note about pricing:

Sometimes our prices change based on food costs. We appreciate your business and believe you deserve better than a $5 pizza made with inferior ingredients. To continue serving a superior quality pizza in Brackettville, we decided we'd rather defend a small, occasional price increase than to ever try and defend reductions of quality. There's just no excuse for that.

Need to reach us? Send an e-mail to any time.